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Tahoe/Reno Pictures hiking and backpacking from around the area
Ruby Crest These photos are from 2001 and 2002 Ruby Crest backpack trips.
Ruby Crest 2008 Five "old" guys, who had done considerable backpacking, decided to do the Ruby Crest again. The mapped route from Topo! and the GPS tracked route are both shown. Four of us had digital cameras so it was easy to upload all the files together.
Whitney 03 Pictures from the Venture Crew's 2003 Whitney Trip
Whitney 07 The 2007 Whitney trip was a backpack from the Portal to Trail Camp, summit the next day with return to Trail Camp, backpack out the third day to the Portal. Discussion
Arcdome The Venture Crew's 2003 backpack to the base of Arcdome and hike up Arcdome
Whipple The Venture Crew's 2003 spelunking trip to Whipple Cave
White Water The Venture Crew's 2003 White Water Trip to Cache Creek
Canyon of Boulders A special canyon for canyoneering, the whereabouts of which shall remain unknown
Climb On 2003 Nevada Area Council's 2003 climbing instructors training
Fly Canyon In late Nov. of 2002 and 2003 we made trips with friends to climb through Fly Canyon. These are pictures of the trips. In 2002 the weather was cold. In 2003 it started to rain just after we had set up camp. In 2004 we did it again and woke up to snow
Ski Backpack Trip 2004 The Venture Crew did a backpack trip on skis, 4 miles, from Pickle Meadows up into the south end of Leavitt Meadows. We skied out the next morning. The old guy with the beard had back surgery 7 months earlier.
Ski Backpack Trip 2005 Another ski backpack trip to McKinney Lake. This one was rigorous. We went over a ridge we did not plan for because we got lost due to disorientation in a snow storm. The next morning the GPS showed just how lost we were. Constant snow falling can present quite a challenge.
Ski Backpack Trip 2008 This was a three day (two nights) with the first night having 90 mile/hr winds over the ridge top. Both nights were cold enough to freeze water inside a tent with two people. This was late March but still presented a problem keeping our water thawed enough to drink.
Green River Trip 2001 Venture Crew 168 took a 52 mile canoe trip down the Green River to the confluence with the Colorado River. We were transported up the Colorado to Moab in a jet boat. The next day we toured Arches National Monument.
Hunter Creek Trip 2002 This was a Smith Family and friends Memorial Day 2002 weekend three day (two night) trip up Hunter Creek to camp the first night just above the falls. The next night was spent at a spring about 1.1 miles up the west side of the canyon. That second day was strictly cross country through steep, brushy, overgrown terrain. Thanks to GPS and maps we were able to find our way. The animal sign with lots of bear sign was awesome. The last day was spent hiking out hunter lake (jeep) road. The distance was about 16 miles total. Some 2006 and 2007 pictures have been added.
Buffalo Hills Trip 2002 The Venture Crew 168 made about a 14 mile loop starting from the bottom of trail canyon with over night at twin springs. We came back the next day through the canyon just south of twin springs canyon. It was a cross country trip through rugged northern washoe lava rock formations. This was in preparation for the Escalante Trip.
Escalante Trip 2002 Crew 168 backpacked through canyons in the Escalante area of Utah. Dick and his wife drove around the area taking pictures. They all got together to do some slot canyons at the end.
New Scouts Mini-Backpack Troop 12 New Scouts went for an overnight 1/4 mile backpack trip in Apr 2004. The weather was windy, cold and snowing. Just the kind of trip new scouts need.
Crew 168 Table Top Mountain Backpack Crew 168 did a two day backpack through Table Top Mountain Wilderness, May 22-23, 2004, in preparation for their Warner Wilderness trip in June.
Warner Wilderness Backpack Trip Crew 168 did a six day (five night) backpack trip through the South Warner Wilderness, June 19 - 24, 2004. The distance was 36 miles with the last half of the trail being moderate to strenuous with lots of up and down.
Crew 168 in Canyon of Boulders Crew 168 (unofficially) did a three day trip in the Canyon of Boulders. It was exhausting but exciting.
Pogonip up close Pogonip up close in Sparks, NV
11 yr old Scout Backpack on Snow Shoes A beginning scout patrol decided to do a mini-backpack on snow shoes. They did it and here is proof. Of course the lab/wolf dog took very good care of them.
Grand Gulch Backpack Trip The Crew took perhaps its last trip as a group. The destination was Grand Gulch. We spent 5 days backpacking from Collin Spring to the Kern Canyon Ranger Station.
Wild Plants This is an attempt at showing the pictures of wild plants I think I have identified. The pictures have been collected on several of my out door trips. Let me know if I have misidentified any of them.
Yosemite & Half Dome Our trip to Yosemite to climb Half Dome. My Personal Petite Pack Mule got me to the top with no problems. Elevation gain up is 4800 ft. in 8.2 miles and the same elevation loss in 9 miles.
Meniscus Tear Repair In March 2007 Dick had a meniscus tear repaired. It was a 15 minute procedure.
The Ghost Town of Bodie California Not long after I got my first digital camera I made a trip to Bodie and tried my new camera out. Now that I plan to go again I took a look at the old picts and thought you might like them. Let us see if the new ones will be any better.

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